Libraries for Play Framework

Libraries for Play Framework

Whenever I come I across a Play library I take a note of it here. This collection is neither complete nor have I used all of these libraries. It is mainly used as a point of reference if I want to find some functionality implemented in a Play library.

jroper/erqx  an embeddable blog engine for Play Framework.


play-redis Play framework 2 cache plugin as an adapter to redis-server check also scala cache libraries

lifeway/play-redis This plugin provides support for Redis


guardian/play-brotli-filter Brotli filter for the playframework

Content negotiation

restfulscala/play-content-negotiation This library provides a more declarative way of content format negotiation for the Play framework.


playframework/play-slick Slick Plugin for Play

ReactiveMongo/Play-ReactiveMongo ReactiveMongo plugin for Playframework check also scala database libraries

FP in Play

Kanaka-io/play-monadic-actions Kanaka-io/play-monadic-actions


julienrf/play-json-derived-codecs Reads, OWrites and OFormat derivation for algebraic data types (sealed traits and case classes, possibly recursive), powered by shapeless.

xdotai/play-json-extensions: +22 field case class formatter and more for play-json

play-products convenient syntactic sugar to combine monoidal structures (e.g. Reads, OWrites, OFormat), powered by shapeless.

jto/validation validation api extracted from play

check also A survey of Scala JSON ecosystem and A quick tour of JSON libraries in Scala |


funnel distributed monitoring system based on a lightweight streaming protocol.

dropwizard/metrics Capturing JVM- and application-level metrics.

agiledigital/kamon-play-2.5.x A temporary implementation of the Kamon Play module that is compatible with Play 2.5.

agiledigital/kamon-play-extensions Kamon extensions for use in Play2 applications.

kenshoo/metrics-play Metrics module for Play2

sief/play-guard Play2 module for rate limiting, based on token bucket algorithm


innoveit/play2-pdf A PDF module for Play Framework 2

Rate Limiting

sief/play-guard Play2 module for rate limiting, based on token bucket algorithm

Static analysis

danielnixon/playwarts WartRemover warts for Play Framework and Slick

check also scala static analysis libraries

Static pages

NetLogo/Play-Scraper A tool converting simple Play Framework applications into static pages


iheartradio/play-swagger: Swagger spec generator for play framework

iheartradio/play-swagger for play 2.5


loicdescotte/Play2-HTML5Tags: HTML5 form tags module for Play Framework This module brings client side validation attributes (required, max|min length, …) and formats support (date, number, email, …) to Play templates.



f100ded/play-fake-ws-standalone Mock Standalone WS for Play 2.6

leanovate/play-mockws Mock WS client for Play Framework


AlexITC/play-request-tracer A module for Play! framework that allows to trace a request flow easily.